Our Aims

Suffolk Rape Crisis (SRC) is a feminist organisation run by women for women, which aims to:

  • Support women survivors of rape or sexual abuse so they may maintain control over their lives
  • Raise awareness about rape and sexual abuse committed against women and girls, regardless of their background or circumstances.
  • Provide information, guidance, training, and expertise within the community.
  • Contribute to policy initiatives and strategies aimed at improving the service provision for women survivors.
  • Actively challenge the values, beliefs and behaviours which contribute to women’s oppression.
  • Work in partnership with local service providers and communities to promote the values of SRC

Our Philosophy

We believe first and foremost that rape is never a woman's fault.


We believe that sexual violence is a tool of oppression, and so we aim to actively challenge the discrimination, prejudice and harm that affect the lives of all women and girls, and especially the lives of those who have experienced sexual violence.


We also aim to challenge the values, myths, beliefs and behaviours which contribute to women’s inequality and to the sexual violence that is endemic in our society.

We believe that survivors of sexual violence are experts in their own healing. We believe that because women are powerful and know how best to meet their own needs, our role is to support them in whatever decisions they may take regarding their own healing process.

We believe that all women and girls who have been affected by sexual violence deserve a chance to regain a sense of control and power over their lives.


We believe that this can best be achieved in an environment of support rather than blame; in an environment that supports women and girls by promoting self-confidence, self-respect, physical and emotional well-being; a safe space where women and girls can make their own decisions and where their strengths are the main focus of attention.


We believe that all women and girls should and must be able to live lives free from the threat of sexual violence and free from the after-effects of sexual violence. We believe we can help to make that happen.



Helpline Volunteers Wanted - SRC Needs YOU!

We are looking for willing and attentive listeners who can engage callers in a calm, non-judgemental and empathetic manner, signposting to relevant services as needed.

Practical Considerations:

Owing to the current nature of our work and the needs and preferences of our service users, we are looking for female volunteers.

Volunteers must be able to cover two, 2 hour evening shifts per month.

Volunteer with us and make a difference locally!




Our helpline is open: Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7pm to 9pm 0800 0850 520


Suffolk Rape Crisis is a registered charity. Charity no: 1137355